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consulting services


Tailored consulting services

Your company is in a technologic transition phase? Your software need debugging or optimisation? Single Quote offers a wide range of consulting services to help you find appropriate solutions for your IT ecosystem.

Years of experience


Years of experience
Completed projects


Completed projects
Satisfied customers


Satisfied customers
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Global outreach

Take your company to the next level with our consulting services. Let’s work together now.


Our consulting services include

  • Technologic transition

    Make your company evolve and save time on both short- and long-term basis by digitalising and automating your processes/workflow.

  • Technical migration

    In order to evolve, some application must be technically updated. We take care of such migrations and updated in many technologies.

  • Evolution & Updates

    Being able to update services by adding new features and/or making them more scalable is often essential in an IT ecosystem.

  • Optimisation

    Your software / services become slow or are not scalable enough? We can help you find suitable solutions.

  • User experience

    The look & feel, design or usability of your application does not suit your needs anymore? Our consulting services also include UI and UX design. 

  • Debugging

    Your application / software have bugs? Single Quote can help you detect, monitor and fix them.


Single Quote provides many benefits

  • Scalability

    Your company evolves, as well as the services we provide you. Our solutions are scalable to always suit your needs.

  • Expert advices

    Doubts on some aspects of your project or its feasibility? We will always suggest you the most appropriate solutions.

  • Tailored

    We are always attentive to the needs and requirements of our clients. This is why our solutions are entirely designed sur-mesure.

  • Outstanding quality

    We attach a great importance to details. Our clients are recommending us for the outstanding quality of our work.

  • Return on investment

    Increase your conversion rate, automate your processes,… let us take care of your project to reach your goals.

Don’t waste your time and money anymore. Let’s work together now.

Great services, very good quality / price ratio, adequate services and extremely relevant advices.
J. M.