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UX design


UX design (User Experience)

UX design including user research, user journey optimisation, high-fidelity prototypes, usability testing, and much more: our experienced team will design custom interactions for your users.

Years of experience


Years of experience
Completed projects


Completed projects
Satisfied clients


Satisfied clients
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Global outreach

Take your company to the next level with our UX design services. Let’s work together now.


Our UX Design services include

  • User research

    Empathise with your users and understand their goals through qualitative and quantitative research.

  • Persona

    Identify your users accurately through data-driven personas.

  • User journey

    An understanding of your users’ goals helps optimise the actions they need to take to reach them.

  • Prototyping

    From wireframes to high-fidelity prototypes, we test out many ideas and evaluate them with your users.

  • Usability tests

    Gain insight on how your platform is used and identify the various pain points encountered by your users.

  • A complete process

    Our team will guide you along the design process to ensure a user experience that answer your needs.


Single Quote provides many benefits

  • Scalability

    Your company evolves, as well as the services we provide you. Our solutions are scalable to always suit your needs.

  • Expert advices

    Doubts on some aspects of your project or its feasibility? We will always suggest you the most appropriate solutions.

  • Tailored

    We are always attentive to the needs and requirements of our clients. This is why our solutions are entirely designed sur-mesure.

  • Outstanding quality

    We attach a great importance to details. Our clients are recommending us for the outstanding quality of our work.

  • Return on investment

    Increase your conversion rate, automate your processes,… let us take care of your project to reach your goals.

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